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We love Lluvy

FIERCE! America’s Next Top Model, Living TV, 9.00pm
First of all, we should point out that the header we're using for this preview isn't actually as witty as it might seem (oh, don't look at us like that), because Lluvy is pronounced "yoo-vee" and not "loo-vee", so it's not ideal for trying to pun on I Love Lucy. But is that likely to stop us? Hardly. Anyway, we are fearful for Lluvy tonight as she has been in the bottom two for the past two episodes, and this does not generally bode well for an aspiring Top Model – we really don’t think she'll be with us next week. It's a shame, because not only is she both pretty and striking, but she’s also cute and fun to watch. Moving on: one thing we will say about ANTM is that it brings the drama more often than most reality shows, and we're eager to see how they'll top last week, where nasty Noelle spread malicious rumours like wildfire and was eliminated for her trouble, despite taking good pictures, and Michelle cried a lot because her face exploded. This week, Michelle is still struggling to remain confident on her photoshoot, Tyra gives the girls a business lesson, and Brittany has a few too many drinks at a swanky event. And no, judging by our lame pun in the title bar, we are not above referring to her as Brittany Beers.

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