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Renovation Street

PROJECT! Streets Ahead, Channel 4, 8.00pm
We were slightly disappointed with the recent series of Property Ladder when, like so many of our favourite shows seem to these days, the “new series” turned out to be a couple of new episodes and then a bunch of revised repeats. It’s not that we don’t appreciate any opportunity to watch the radiant Sarah Beeny, it’s just that part of the fun of that programme is finding out which new ways the amateur developers have discovered to completely ignore her sage advice. It looks as though our patience is being rewarded, however, as in this new series Sarah isn’t just tackling a single developer, but encouraging an entire street to work together community-like to tart up the general appearance of their road and hopefully add a bit of value to their homes in the process. We’ve been promised a veritable soap opera of a cast (young mothers, feuding neighbours, comedy octogenarians, even gays!) and we have absolutely no doubt that Sarah will remain as cheery and optimistic as ever even though there are now about twenty times as many people who are likely to totally ignore her. Sarah makes it better, indeed.

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