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Don't we know you from somewhere?

PERFECT! Nip/Tuck, Channel 4, 10.50pm
Here at lowculture we’re aware that showbusiness is just about the least fair profession there is. How else do you explain the fact that some of the extremely talented actors we’ve met in our travels are all temping while the cast of Hollyoaks are gainfully employed? That’s just wrong. But we digress: we quite often find it unfair when, after an ensemble show is axed, some of the cast seem to do well for themselves while others vanish without trace. Take one of our favourite shows, Popular, for example: after two seasons it was canned, and while none of the cast have exactly reached the Hollywood A-list, we’ve noticed Christopher Gorham and Leslie Grossman working fairly regularly, and deservedly so. But what of Tammy Lyn Michaels, for example? Despite being terrifyingly excellent as Nicole Julian, we’ve seen little from her since, aside from a brief appearance in The L Word (we could get all political and claim that The Man has a problem with her lifestyle, but that’s for another time and place). One Popular alumnus gracing our screens once more tonight is Leslie Bibb, alias Brooke McQueen. Judging by the episode, we’re guessing that her character is the “local model who was raped and disfigured”. All very well, but where are the graituitous lip-synched musical number and the on-off again couple who get back together at the end of the season for promotional sweeps purposes, eh?

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It's such a loss that Tammy Lyn hasn't graced our screens in a while. I blame marriage to your one and the fact she got a bit chunkier.

By Anonymous Dylan, at 3:37 am  

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