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I like him watching me watch him watch life

GOING IN! Big Brother, Channel 4, 9.00pm
Well, you can't fail to have noticed this was starting up again - we've already pointed it out on the site once this week, after all. Tonight's the big night, where the ever-present (and hopefully not quite so shouty) Davina guides the fame-hungry housemates into Britain's most famous house (seriously, it is. Buckingham Palace can fuck right off) for a dirt cheap summer holiday. As usual, we have absolutely no idea what sort of housemates will be turning up, although we don't doubt they'll be something of an eclectic mix. Quite how they're planning to top the "draaa-ma!" of last year we don't know, but with Big Brother we suspect it's best to expect the unexpected. Whether you like it or not, kiss goodbye to your summer. We're all this show's bitch now.

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