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Best regressed

DEJA VU! Have I Been Here Before?, ITV1, 1.30pm
Continuing our exploration of the hidden gems in the daytime schedule, although not quite reaching the dizzy heights of America's Next Top Model, this is a fabulous idea. Celebrities explore their past lives in front of the cameras - not, of course, in a classy, Who Do You Think You Are? sort of way, but in a far more superficial daytime TV fashion, and we at lowculture cannot fail to applaud such shallowness. Those of you who remember that iconic television moment where H from Steps was hypnotised live on This Morning (sadly our memory is fading as we're getting old and we can't quite remember much about it, although we're sure there were sheep involved and possibly also someone called Cecil) will understand exactly why this has got so much potential. That is, of course, assuming it digs up the occasional laugh along with the profound realisations that the celebs will no doubt reach about the inner workings of their souls. Today, Toyah Willcox contemplates her life in 15th-century Holland. Let's just hope she's got a hilarious story about clogs.

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