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The Perils of Penelope Keith

Oh crumbs - our TV halfwits Sam and Rupe have spent the whole weekend polishing up their TV pitch for a transvestite cop show. It just gets better and better (or worse, depending on how you want to look at it).

From: "Samuel Buckingham-Lee" samsamstrawberryjam@yahoo.co.uk
To: "Rupert Anderson-Masters" rampantrupert@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Our first BLAM! productions pitch
Hi Rupes,
Yeah, things are slightly odd with Claire at the moment, no doubt you'll hear all about it this week though...
Glad you like the TV cops idea. I agree with you that casting is definately the key. I've been knocking round a few ideas. At the moment I'm not quite sure who could play "Fitzy Le Roy" and "Amanda Le Rue" (the lead TV characters), but I've definitely got some strong ideas for supporting cast.
Basically I'm seeing the "baddies" of the piece as Eastender's Nick Cotton and veteran actress Penelope Keith. Obviosly with Nick Cotton we would have to work around panto commitments though...
Beyond this the only main character I have in mind is the hard-talking, cigar smoking Chief of Police character (who will also be a TV). Casting-wise, the only person I can really see working is Neighbour's Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver). Once again, let me know thoughts.
Right, if we're going to move on this then we'll need a plot for the pilot to hook the coke-addled TV execs, any suggestions would be welcome.
As for the guy I was talking about it with it was just some bloke I met in the pub, nothing poofy about it, I was just there, ummm, watching the match. I'm a happilly married man after all!!!

» Email Sam and Rupe to tell them what you think of their casting suggestions. We're sure they will be delighted to hear your thoughts. And check back soon for further developments – we're quite into their idea now, and will move heaven and earth to get it on your screens.

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