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Here we go again...

COME TO THE DIARY ROOM! Big Brother: The Top 20 Housemates, Channel 4, 11.40pm
Is it that time of year already? Try as we might to avoid it, the Big Brother juggernaut rolls ever onwards, leaving normally balanced people with a sudden fixation to watch total strangers sleeping. Apparently there has been a backlash against the backlash, and it's now fashionable to be looking forward to it rather than loudly decrying it, but to be perfectly honest, we're somewhere in the middle. We're sure it'll get us eventually, however, and to get us in the mood, Channel 4 have conducted a viewers' vote to decide the most popular housemates of the first five series. We're assuming all the previous winners will be in here somewhere (since they were all chosen by public vote as well, it seems a fairly safe guess) but will there be any surprises? Will any of series four's largely forgettable housemates pop up? Will there be a belated reprieve for early evictees like Penny and Caroline? Oh, who knows. But if our all-time favourite contestant Anna isn't in the top five at least, we're boycotting this series. Possibly.

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