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Life after birth

PUSH! PUSH! Desperate Midwives, BBC3, 9.00pm
We're still trying to decide whether this has been an incredibly rushed production, or whether it was pitched and filmed at the usual level and just happened to be given a name at the last minute which puns on one of this year's most successful new series. Anyway, that's by the by: this is a fly-on-the-wall series about the maternity unit at Derby Hospital, and we're sure there were absolutely loads of people lining up to be filmed sweating, screaming and panting their way through labour. We've already been reliably informed that this show is enough to put you off having children for life, although we dare say it'll make scarce difference to lowculture's standard audience of alpha gays. They'll probably just feel slightly more sorry for the dodgy American women selling them their babies over the internet. But yes, all of you breeders out there, consider yourself cautioned.

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According to the Sunday Times - it was going to be called something a bit crappy like "Lives of Midwives", but the name has been changed at the last min to a more pun-tastic one.

By Anonymous Ceeb, at 7:11 pm  

Aha, I suspected as much. Thank you!

By Blogger Steve, at 9:50 am  

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