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Liz Watch

If you haven’t already given up on CELEBRITY LOVE ISLAND, you will no doubt have started to wonder - what is the point of Liz McClarnon>
She doesn’t do much and she doesn’t say much – and what she does do and say isn’t exactly enthralling.
This has not gone unnoticed on the lowculture messageboards, where one member has started a daily Liz Watch.
In yesterday’s thrilling episode, Liz:
» Said "Do it" when Paul asked whether he should shave his hair. In keeping with current Liz portrayal we got as far as "Do" before the camera cut away to something more interesting, like Abi Titmuss or a palm tree.
» Was resplendant in a grotty grey vest and denim mini-skirt with her hair and dark roots scraped back into a ponytail.
» Stripped down to step on the scales for the weigh-in task, and turned out to be 9 stone 12.6lb - not 8 stone, as Paul guessed. This makes her the heaviest girl – even heavier than Abi.
» Cried on camera about her weight.
» Revealed that Atomic Kitten were a girl-band – although which instrument Liz played was never established.
» Excercised, doing high kicks and some weird air-bike thing until her back hurt.
» Denied being a lesbian.
What a busy day it was for Liz! They are really getting their money's worth. Let's hope tomorrow is just as eventful.
» Thanks to MoondialSlater for his thorough research - follow the daily Liz updates here.

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