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Ding! You've got Tyra mail

DAYTIME! America's Next Top Model, Five, 2.05pm
Lest it be said that lowculture ignores its readers who are at home during the day, we're overjoyed to bring your attention to the jewel in the crown of daytime television. Why Five are wasting this absolutely awesome series in an afternoon slot when we're sure it could kick Celebrity Love Island's ass in a primetime slot with the right advertising. It's certainly far more entertaining than ITV's limp so-called love fest, and has a much more wonderful range of characters. We're now down to the finals of Cycle Three (why they call it a Cycle as opposed to a series or a season, we have no idea. Perhaps it's more dramatic) and we have just three potential Top Models left: diminutive Eva, worldly Yaya and legally blind Amanda. While Tyra Banks may get all the acclaim and stardom, it being officially her show, the main reason for watching is acidic supermodel Janice Dickinson at the judging panel. She's our hero. Oh, and by the way, the entire world knows who wins this cycle because it went out in the US like six years ago, but it's no less entertaining for that.

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