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Bitchin' in the kitchen

THE KNIVES ARE OUT! Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Channel 4, 9.00pm
Oh, yes. We've been looking forward to this for weeks now - another helping of the series where the well-intentioned Gordon Ramsay visits an ailing restaurant in an attempt to turn it around, only to completely lose his shit with the incompetent people running it. There's something quite spellbinding about this show - it could just be that mean streak where we quite enjoy watching someone having all of their flaws highlighted and generally being humiliated. It could be the feelgood factor at the end when the revitalised restaurant starts to see an upsurge in its takings. Or it could of course be the brilliant Gordon Ramsay, who loses his temper like no one we know and yet we've never lost respect for him once. Possibly because we're absolutely terrified of him, mind.

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