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Also known as a "busta"

COMEDY! Scrubs, Channel 4, 8.00pm
It’s been a fair while since we had the pleasure of Scrubs on Channel 4 – perhaps the powers that be were listening to too much TLC and decided we didn’t want no Scrubs – but better late than never is what we say, so we’ll shush now and get on with the preview. It’s business as usual with the doctors and nurses of Sacred Heart Hospital – JD is still trying to prove himself to Dr Cox and forever not quite getting it right, Turk is still being clueless in dealing with girlfriend Carla, but in a deeply endearing fashion, and Elliot is still trying to please everyone. This week Elliot is attempting to curb her run of bad luck, and we’re reasonably certain that hijinks will, as they say, ensue.

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oh i just got the whole TLC joke!
wow you guys are sooo funny.
i thought you were refering to that whole bbc hospital show called TLC, which was shit.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 pm  

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