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European Bumming Union

The Ukranian Eurovision Song Contest organisers are getting slightly more demented with each passing day, it would appear. They are particularly pleased with Eurocamp – which, from what we can gather, is some kind of shanty town they have had to build on the outskirts of Kyiv to cope with the influx of gays from around the world.
The camp was opened on Saturday by Ruslana, last year's Eurovision winner, who seemed delighted about the possibilities that it offered as she raised a bright yellow flag to declare it open.
“I am happy and honoured to raise this flag, the symbol of cultural unity and a common spirit. It is of the colour of the sun and joy, and will carry on enlightening all of the activities in this camp, during daytime and at night,” said Ruslana. Marvellous!
Lord alone knows what those crazy Ukranians are expection to go on at the camp, but they have been careful to draw attention to the fact that tents for 20 people are available, and that the United Nations will be wandering around dishing out free condoms.
Sounds like hoses and buckets of water would be more appropriate, or else most of Europe will be well and truly bummed by the time Terry Wogan reaches the commentary booth on Saturday.

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