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Any of you who spent the 1980s as shy, awkward little boys who liked Doctor Who will probably be just as delighted as we are with the success of the revived series.
Saturday's outstanding episode, Father's Day, was set on November 7th, 1987. On that day in the real world, the best that long-suffering fans had to look forward was part two of the great big load of old rubbish that was Delta and the Bannermen.
This cheap and not-very-cheerful 1950s holiday camp romp featured Bonnie Langford as companion Mel, dressed in some kind of bizarre cowgirl outfit, screaming her curly ginger head off at the sight of a baby that had been painted green.
Compare this to the thoughtful, scary, dramatic and heartbreaking story of Rose's ill-fated attempt to stop her dad's death and it really is hard to believe that they are part of the same series.
It's pretty safe to assume that nobody ever cried for Bonnie Langford when she was in Doctor Who, but we bet that people up and down the land shed a tear or two for Rose.

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