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Desperately seeking sanity

TUNE IN! Desperate Housewives, Channel 4, 10.00pm
At long last, Carlos is set to begin his prison sentence after his dodgy dealings were uncovered. Freed from her signed-under-duress post-nuptial agreement, you’d think Gabrielle would be one happy lady right now. Unfortunately, she’s just discovered that something took seed when her lady garden was being hoed, and that leaves her somewhat incensed. Whether she’d be any less angry if she could say for definite who the father is, well, that’s another matter. Lynette’s equally pissed that Tom’s ex-girlfriend has got a job in his office (correct us if we’re wrong, but we thought Tom spent masses of time away from his office and his home travelling, so why does it matter?), Susan begins to get a little more involved with Sinister Paul than we'd recommend, and there’s yet another setback for Bree and Rex’s marriage when George the pharmacist pops back into their lives. Just when we thought those crazy kids would make a go of it, too.

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