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Size is everything

There's still time to vote in our first CELEBRITY COCK FIGHT – a new lowculture item in which we invite allegations of dumbing down (or at least gaying up) by inviting you lot to vote on which of two public figures you think has the biggest penis.
We've chosen the world of Neighbours for the first poll, and specifically those bastions of middle-aged shagability, Karl Kennedy and Paul Robinson.
So if you think Paul is the Ramsay Street resident who's got it going on down below, send an email to paulisthebiggest@lowculture.co.uk.
But if you think Karl's the one who's really making Izzy's eyes water, write to nowayithastobekarl@lowculture.co.uk.
Don't forget to give us the reasons for your choice – preferably in the form of really disgusting slash fiction, or at the very least a rude limerick. Results next week.

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