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TV cops in strappy tops

Yesterday, we promised more of the unique insights into the thought processes of a pair of useless TV executives that only some serious email tapping can provide. An all-action series about transvestite cops sounds like a winner to lowculture – let's hope someone else agrees!

From: "Rupert Anderson-Masters" rampantrupert@hotmail.com
To: "Samuel Buckingham-Lee" samsamstrawberryjam@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: RE: Our first BLAM! productions pitch
Hey Sammy, Good to hear from you! Hope that all is well with the lovely Claire. I think your ideas have definite potential - the TV cops show is a brilliant idea. Let's face it, all of the other cop shows love to whack us around the head with how maverick their detectives are, and what's more maverick than a strappy top and a leopard-print mini?
I agree one of them should definitely be black, we wouldn't want to upset the diversity awareness people. Perhaps one of them could be a single parent as well? And we need the inevitable clashes with a stuffy, straitlaced boss, of course. Have you had any casting ideas? I think that's going to be crucial here.
Who was this bloke you were talking about it with, anyway? A new friend? And what's with all the kisses at the end, you old poof?

» Aargh, we are now officially trapped in development hell! Look, there are Rupes and Sam's emails, right there. Tell 'em what you think of their latest hare-brained ideas. Or click in the comments box and we'll pass it on. Or come back tomorrow for the next communique.

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