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Creativity in action

Did you realise that someone actually THINKS UP most, if not all, of the crap we are forced to watch on our televisions? Unbelievable, isn't it? But what kind of mind invents the schlock with which we are force-fed seven days a week? Thanks to a bit of email espionage, we've got inside the minds of two of television's top "creatives". And it's a bit scary.

From: "Samuel Buckingham-Lee" samsamstrawberryjam@yahoo.co.uk
To: "Rupert Anderson-Masters" rampantrupert@hotmail.com
Subject: Our first BLAM! productions pitch
Hope you are ok, love to Sarah etc...
I've been mulling over your proposal that perhaps BLAM! productions would be more sucessful if we started to diversify into other programme genres and I think you may have a point.
Let's face it the TV industry at the moment is so completely up-its-own-arse and uncreative that you can hardly move for clones of old programme ideas rehashed using some old has been as the hook for the muppets to tune in for.
I was talking to a really friendly guy in the pub last night when it came to me; the concept was so simple I could hardly believe no one had thought of it before!!!
The idea is; a TV cop show.
Cops, who are also TVs.
Obviously by this I don't mean cops who are televisions. That would be ridiculous. These are a pair of maverick rule-bending cops who also happen to be transvestites (TVs). Probably one of them is black as well.
It may need a bit of work before we pitch it, but let me know your
Yours etc,

» You couldn't make it up! Or COULD YOU? Tune in tomorrow for Rupert's reply.

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A sort of "Murder He/She Wrote" ?

By Blogger aftertheboyf, at 5:16 pm  

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