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If we were to break our week down in to good times, rubbish times and fucking great times, you may be surprised to learn that Tuesday mornings are definitely a bit great.
This is when the new Inside Soap magazine hits the shops, providing seven days of delight for the soap fan who likes to completely ruin any enjoyment of their favourite programmes by reading every single detail of what's going to happen, in advance.
The latest issue is a particular delight, featuring as it does a truly bizarre cover starring Alfie Moon as St George and Little Mo as one of the wives of Henry VIII – not to mention pictures of Big Mo as Catherine of Aragon and Chrissie Watts as Cleopatra within! Unbelievably, all these costumes are going to be seen on screen in a forthcoming episode of EastEnders, and we're breathless with anticipation at the very thought of it.
Oh, and there's a really fit boy on page 35 who is almost certainly something to do with Hollyoaks. We would confirm this, if only we could be bothered to read the words.
Only £1.20 at your newsagent, and you even get a big grid across page 18 of who fucks whom on which day - bargain!

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