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Sometimes, fate can lead you down some unexpected roads. It's all too easy to find that people and places you hoped would always be part of your life have slipped out of sight, and you're left feeling a bit empty, wondering exactly where it all went wrong.
And so it is with our beloved Holby City. Readers who have been with us for the long haul will recall a time when we never missed an episode. Chrissie the slutty ward sister was the first thing we ever admitted to loving, and we followed her ups and downs (not to mention her ins and outs) through thick and thin.
Lately, though, we've not been keeping that Tuesday evening appointment. The disinterest started to kick in when Sister Kath and Tom Campbell-Gore departed, to be replaced by some rather uninspiring alternatives (you can stick your Connie Beauchamp right up your arse, thank you very much!).
Sadly, last night's dull episode didn't do much to recapture our attention. A handy recap told us that hunky-but-dull Dr Will ended up on the business end of some scaffolding in last week's episode, so everyone was moping around being a bit sad about his resulting death. All except the marvellous Sister Chrissie, who – naturally – was agonising over whether she should reveal she had shagged her ex-husband Dr Owen on the eve of his wedding to Dr Diane.
After that, things descended into an uninspiring mix of blood, gore and cameos from former Corrie stars ("Ooh, it's Alec Gilroy!"), and by 8.45pm we were looking impatiently at the lowculture wristwatch.
Never mind the decline of EastEnders, it's Holby City that needs a shot of adrenaline, direct to the heart. Sort it out, The BBC!

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