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Sunday nights have always been the time to wallow, hippo-style, in nostalgia. This warm glow of nostalgia can emanate from many different sources – Heartbeat, The Royal, the jukebox at the G-A-Y bar – but wherever it comes from, the fuzzy feeling deep inside is just as good.
If you're in the G-A-Y bar, of course, the fuzziness can be aided by large amounts of white wine at £1.50 a glass, leaving a boy much happier when a Michelle McManus video flashes on the big screen than might normally be the case.
It was quite strange seeing All This Time again after, erm, all this time. The cruel juxtaposition of a soaring anthem about hope and the promise of a better life and the harsh reality that is now Michelle's career is almost too poignant to bear.
After a period out of the limelight, word reaches lowculture that Michelle will soon be back on our TV screens. Unfortunately for her, she won't be appearing on Top Of The Pops with her triumphant comeback single.
Instead, she will be on Dr Gillian's special table having her colon washed out and the results inspected for our viewing pleasure on a forthcoming celebrity edition of You Are What You Eat.
Is it so very wrong of us to hope that Michelle will finally lose it when that smug old witch lays out her week's food intake on that big table, and give Dr G a good, sharp hoof up the front bottom? No, it probably isn't.

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