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All eyes were on EastEnders last week, but Coronation Street continued an excellent run of episodes with some great comic moments – the oldies having their card school in the Rovers being a particular delight – and some pretty good drama too.
Someone has obviously realised that Maggie Jones is the best actress on TV, as Blanche Hunt is now in almost every scene – always ready with a withering look and a cutting remark. We're particularly enjoying her cruel delight at the prospect of Ken and Deirdre's marriage ending in some kind of fiasco.
As many of you will have heard, the Harris family are about to depart as part of a major storyline, which has been cleverly built up over a number of weeks and is now set to have shocking consequences for three different families. As much as we've enjoyed the build-up to the "three witches" plot in EastEnders, the whole scenario has unfolded much too quickly - Corrie's slow-burn approach is much more satisfying.
That's also the reason why it's so excruciatingly uncomfortable to watch the Charlie/Shelley story unfold. With each incident, Charlie's mental and physical abuse of Shelley seems even more menacing – by the time the scenario reaches boiling point, we predict that the whole nation will be watching in horror from behind their fingers every time Charlie comes on screen.

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