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There can be few things that throw an individual's life choices into sharper relief than the realisation that, in a recent picture, their hairstyle makes them bear an uncanny resemblance to Daniel Bedingfield.
It was such a calamity that led lowculture to a top London salon last week for a bit of a tidy-up at the back and sides.
All was going well until a commotion broke out to our right. A young man who looked very much like the Bedders himself started jumping around in front of the mirrors in a hyperactive fashion, tugging at his mop and muttering something about how he "didn't know whether it should go up or down" in a vaguely Kiwi accent.
To the untrained eye, it seemed very much like Bedders had been in the salon for a haircut the day before, but had woken in the morning to discoverer that he had completely forgotten what his 'do' was supposed to look like, and had been forced to return for a quick refresher.
That's just ridiculous though, so it can't possibly be true.
Anyway, keep a special look-out for the hyper one's new-look barnet in the Brits coverage over the next couple of days – if we didn't know better, we would say he had spunked rather a lot of cash on a plum rinse.

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