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So, he's dead then! Den Watts got on the wrong side of a ceramic dog, thus gaining the unique distinction of being the first soap character to be killed off twice. After being dispatched first by a bunch of deadly daffodils and now a dastardly dog, we can only wonder what ridiculous object he would be killed with in the unlikely event of another comeback.
The EastEnders 20th anniversary episode has come in for quite a bit of criticism from the massed critics of the internet – including one lowculture reader who emailed us to say "Eastenders was a pile of shite".
For what it's worth, we reckon it worked perfectly – just the right mix of shocking drama and high camp, with some truly jaw-dropping moments (and a few cringeworthy ones).
Sharon's surprise return was the masterstroke, even though it was painfully obvious her scenes had been recorded months before the rest of it. And Chrissie's emergence as a complete fucking bitch has re-energised a flagging show, and at last given us a strong female character who is the equal of Cindy, Janine and all the other Walford witches of years gone by.
Long may she continue to murder people with pottery dogs and get away with it!

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