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If there's one thing we really, really hate, it's when soap opera producers insult the intelligence of their viewers by recasting a juvenile character and having them roll back into the action without further comment.
Warren Jackson, who was the first Nicky Tilsley in Coronation Street, appeared recently on an ITV documentary talking about his disappointment at learning he was "not hunky enough" to continue in the role he had played since he was a baby. The original Robert Sugden from Emmerdale met a similar fate.
One can only wonder what kind of permanent psychological damage is being inflicted on these poor young actors – and you can bet that ITV will not be picking up the bill for the years of psychotherapy they no doubt have to endure before resuming a normal life.
It is with great disappointment, then, that must report that the producers of Corrie are going to do it again! This time, Mike Baldwin is going to be shocked by the reappearance of his long-lost son, Adam – not least because he will be sporting a new head for the occasion (the second of Mike's sons to undergo such a transplant).
The new Adam will be played by Sam Robertson, who...

Well, perhaps we can turn a blind eye. Just this once.

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