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Finally, it's Thursday! We've gone into work each day this week thinking that it has been for the past three days. But we're here now, so let's celebrate with these amazing facts about Thursday, December 9:
» Aww - ET opened today in 1982. We're old enough to remember watching it as a wee kid and, come to think of it, may have even owned a ghastly plastic toy alien too. Oddly enough, we do have an ET soap in our sock drawer, for some reason.
» The first episode of Coronation Street was screened on ITV, today in 1960. We bet Blanche would have something to say about that
» It could have been the biggest tragedy to hit Christmas since Cliff Richard released The Millennium Prayer: The Santa Special train in Cumbria derailed today in 2000. Thankfully for little children everywhere, the miniature train was doing just five miles an hour at the time.
» Oh, the trauma! Pop fans were on tenterhooks to find out if rumours that Bobak Kianoush had left Another Level. Fellow band member Wayne Williams had left the previous month. Strangely enough, this is probably the most time we have devoted to the story. Or ever will.
» Today in 1998, techno-feartie Barbara Streisand decided against performing at Madison Square Garden on Millennium Eve for fear of what might happen to computers during the year 2000 changeover.
» Happy birthday to: Actress Dame Judi Dench (70), who initially refused a role of Cleopatra in a Royal Shakespeare production for fear her portrayal would make Cleo look like "a menopausal dwarf". Also celebrating is singer/songwriter Joan Armatrading (54).

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