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Ahh, the month's been good to us so far. Last night we heard from friends who've just returned from a year in sunny climes. And the first thing we talked about? Why, these amazing facts about Tuesday, December 7, of course!
» Thank heavens for the high heid yins in Leicester! Obviously concerned at the low morals of today's youth, those in the know put together a booklet on how to hold safer . . . battle re-enactments, today in 1998.
» MP John Spellar made a faux pas in a government speech four years ago today, by accidentally inserting an additional letter in the word 'cuts'. Silly chunt.
» On the same day, Michael J Fox publicly thanked the tabloids for not revealing that he was suffering from Parkinson's Disease. D'oh! That takes the mind back to a particularly embarassing trip home on the school bus when somebody sang "If you're gay and you know it, clap your hands . . ." We always sit on our hands during bus trips now.
» Happy birthday to: Bucks Fizz singer Mike Nolan (50!), All Saint singer Nicole Appleton (30), and Aaron Carter, a pop singer of some sort (17).
» Unrelated fact of the day: Armadillos are the only creatures apart from humans that can catch leprosy.

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