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Dear Jesse

If you say the words "Cassie the sheep" to lowculture readers of a certain age, chances are the first mental image to pop up will not be that of a cute wooly friend.
This is because Cassie was the pet of the Kennedy family in Neighbours – and let's face it, nobody thinks about the Kennedy family without thinking about Billy, aka actor Jesse Spencer.
Yes, there was definitely a tear in lowculture's glass eye (websites can cry too, you know) the day Billy made his last appearance in Neighbours – despite the fact that he was only making a brief return to be reunited with the dreary Anne for a life of mind-numbing heterosexuality in Queensland.
Sightings of Jesse have been few and far between in recent years. He has popped up in the odd British TV drama, and was even spotted out and about in the pubs around Notting Hill (although not by anyone competent enough at stalking to give us times, dates and locations, for "research purposes"). Also he was on This Morning in March, doing goodness only knows what.
Now, however, he's back with what can only be described as a bang, as one of the leads in House, a new medical mystery series that kicked off last month on Fox in the US.
We don't know that much about it, except that it's produced and directed by Bryan Singer, and has Hugh Laurie in at as the lead character, Dr Gregory House.
It features "diseases" as the villains, and Jesse's character, Dr Robert Chase, is an "old school intensivist", whatever one of those might be. Hopefully it's got something to do with practicing medicine with no shirt on.
We don't mind admitting that this blast from the past has sent lowculture into a bit of a spin, as Jesse was our TV Supercrush thoughout most of the 1990s (or at least the years of that decade where he was old enough for that to be appropriate).
Where will it all end? Dorothy Burke as Clark Kent's long-lost aunt in Smallville? Mr Udagawa as the sinister boss of an supernatural arranged marriage ring in Charmed? Or even Jim Robinson as a regular character in The OC.
No, that's just too, too ridiculous.

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