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Good grief! We're away to have some more tapas this weekend, despite the hangover it indirectly led to last week - exactly a week before these amazing facts about Wednesday, October 13!
» Forget the nags - what every gambler should be backing these days is camels: The fastest racing camel in Oman was sold for nearly $400,000 today in 1996. We don't know if they make good glue when their careers are over, though . . .
» A year later, it was claimed an Edinburgh woman who had suffered a minor stroke began speaking in a South African accident.
» In a measure that would personally scare us shitless, a soundtrack of chatter was to be played in a BBC fiancial office today in 1999 because silence was making the staff feel lonely.
» Meanwhile, a Japanese couple were enjoying the day at a circus in Greenwich. They'd mistaken it for the Millennium Dome. Aw, bless!
» A 42-stone Chinese wrestler, Mr Yoko, submitted a list of dressing room requests for his tour of Britain today in 2000. The requirement included a guarantee that they would be free of spiders, because he was feart of them.
» Five years ago, the beacon of musical taste that is Woolworths refused to stock Gary Barlow's new album, Twelve Months and 11 Days, after his previous two singles had flopped. We used to work in a branch of Woolies several years ago. We'll never get over the endless loops of Pan Pipe Moods as we stacked up pick 'n' mix.
» It's four years since Cliff Richard confessed he'd resorted to cosmetic treatment to help retain his "youthful" looks. And you have to admit, he's got a smashingsetofknockers.
» It's a year to the day since singer Daniel Bedingfield returned home from a day in the studio to find a stalker naked in his bath. Well, you wouldn't have a wash with your clothes on, now would you?
» Happy birthday to: Big Brother contestant Kitten "a bit like Rik Mayall from out of The Young Ones" Pinder (25), and Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe, who we're only really mentioning because he has size 17 feet: He's 22, but he'd make a rubbish transvestite. And we have to pay tribute to Beryl Reid, of Mooncat and Adrian Mole fame, who passed on eight years ago today.

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