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Last week we discovered that we didn't like tapas very much, and that drinking to excess on a school night is something we really should have given up during college. Goodness only knows what this week will bring, but let's start off with these amazing facts about Monday, October 11, shall we?
» What is it about records that chart gluttony? Australian Michael Galen set a world record 32 years ago today by eating 63 bananas in ten minutes. And we thought we were only aiming for five portions a day.
» It was decided today in 1995 that children's kites no longer posed a threat to jumbo jets on the flight path to Comobo Airport in Sri Lanka. Presumably, opening the plane's windows to fly them would be, however.
» A young English female claimed her breast size had increased three cup sizes after drinking cappuccino today in 2000. Posh Spice and Britney must be fans of the same natural bosom blossoming measures, we suppose.
» George, the pink hippo from Rainbow, was attacked by a drunken member of the audience during a stage show in London, two years ago today. We only hope Rod, Jane and Freddy got there in time to twat the assailant over the head with a guitar.
» Happy birthday to: Funnylady Dawn French (47); art attacker Neil "try it yourself" Buchanan (43); the oldest teen in town, 90210 star Luke Perry (38); and Famousmales favourite, Home and Away actor Beau Brady (23).

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