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"Sue Ellen, you're a drunk, a tramp, and an unfit mother"

If you still long for the days when much-loved TV characters could return from the dead by stepping out of a shower, major oil companies were run by two men and a couple of secretaries and husbands found it surprisingly easy to have their drunk wives chucked in a Sanitarium, you will be delighted to learn that Dallas is coming to DVD.
Regular reader James, who seems to be getting better at spotting this kind of trash than we are, reports:
"Power, wealth, sex, glorious extravagance – one place has them all.
"No, it's not the long anticipated reruns of Eldorado (wouldnt that be great? No?) – Dallas goes digitally versatile.
"With a cast reunion special featuring Larry "Comedy Awards For No Good Reason" Hagman, you can now relive seasons one and two.
"To explain to younger people, it's like Footballer's Wives only with petroleum magnates."
Enjoy such classic moments as:
» Sue Ellen getting drunk, falling down the stairs and taking the first of many holidays in the Sanitarium.
» Juicy Lucy accidentally getting engaged to a gayer.
» The birth of baby John Ross. But was JR or Cliff the father? Who knows? Apart from the people who know it was JR, of course.
And, of course...
» JR getting shot.
Unfortunately, it's only a Region One release at the moment, so you'll have to order it on the internet and mess around with your DVD player to enjoy it, but that's a small price to pay.
» While you're in the mood, check out this great official Dallas website. It's got news, reviews, multimedia and gossip galore, and may well be the best website ever created that isn't this one.

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