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Okay, the summer has been rubbish and it's starting to get dark and cold already. While we sulk, have a look at these amazing facts about Thursday, August 26:
» Julius Caesar invaded Britain on this day in 55BC, apparently in search of freshwater pearls from mussels. How extravagant! And contrary to popular belief, although he was born by caesarean section, the operation was not named after him. It was derived from the Latin word caesus, meaning "to cut". So don't say we don't teach you anything.
» The first university belly dancing course was offered 31 years ago today. And at the University of Texas, of all places.
» Swedish courts heard the first ever case of dangerous handling of a shopping trolley eight years ago today. Send them to the gallows!
» It was calculated two years ago that the Ikea catalogue had an annual circulation four times greater than that of the Bible.
» Having Orlando Bloom withdrawal? Let's thank J.R.R Tolkien for bringing him to our attention in the first place, then. The writer published The Fellowship of the Ring 50 years ago today, little knowing the dirty deeds men and ladies had imagined for Orlando's self-proclaimed "pointy-eared-bow-twanger" nearly half a decade later.
» Hooray! Blur shat all over Oasis today in 1995, when Country House beat Roll With It to the top spot at the height of the bands' rivalry (described in one magazine as "Chas and Dave chimney sweep music" versus "Oasis Quo").
» Happy Birthday to: Macaulay Culkin, who will be eternally eight years old in our eyes, (24), and broadcaster Steve Wright (50).

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