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Boo! We didn't go out on Friday after all, and we may have missed an appearance by Nadia at a local nightclub to boot. Before we totter off to the shower in our heels, though, here's a few amazing facts about Monday, August 30:
» A robotic security guard was unveiled in Thailand four years ago. It was equipped with a gun that could be fired via internet instructions. With a cry of "Reply immediately! Friction tripod orgasm Viagra ;)" no doubt.
» A hotline between the American and Soviet presidents was established in 1963 to reduce the risk of "accidental" nuclear war. "Hello, er, comrade. Did you mean to launch all those scary missiles? No? Okay, that's alright then."
» Andre Agassi revealed in 2000 he was unlikely to marry Steffi Graf because he had tried marriage before and "didn't like it".
» On the same day Scientists at the University of Glasgow claimed to have grown caffeine-free tea and coffee. Next on their list was removing the alcohol from vodka, and creating Christmas presents without anything behind the wrapping (probably).
» Happy Birthday to: Justin Timberlake's other half, Cameron Diaz (32), sweeter-than-sweet Eurovision star Dana (53), and D:Ream lead singer Peter Cunnah, who we remember fancying a bit at the time of his fame (38).
» Unrelated fact of the day: The white part of your fingernail is called lunula. There we go, Posh and Becks, we've saved you weeks of raking through the Bumper Book of Shakespeare and Ladybird's My First World Map.

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