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It's Friday, August 27, and we're going out tonight. Hoorah! But what to wear? While we're raking through our wardrobe, why not peruse these amazing facts about today:
» A report revealed that America had "accidentally" dropped a 42,000 ton hydrogen bomb on New Mexico in 1957. And we were feeling guilty about burning the carpet with a hot saucepan . . .
» It's seven years since the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists named the space between a woman's breasts the "intermammary sulcus". There's a joke there somewhere . . .
» Let's be glad that speeding fines in the UK aren't means tested. A Finnish man caught driving at 18mph over the limit was fined £16,457 for the offence three years ago.
» On the same day, Dutch tourists were given the chance to sleep rough in London for four days, at a cost of £300. We're sure the package included the deeds to Tower Bridge and their pick of the crown jewels, too.
» Happy Birthday to: Former Blue Peter presenter Mark Curry, now languishing on a holiday sales channel somewhere, (43), and British heptathlete Denise Lewis (32). We can't say we're particularly fussed about either of those celebrations, so if it's your birthday today, please share your joy with us by clicking the link below.

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