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Unlikely as it may seem, Rick Astley is currently taking a break from writing such chart-bothering delights as Lauren Waterworth's line dancing anthem, The Show, to embark on a UK tour.
And, in a rather more predictable development, we're going to be there to see the resulting circus when it reaches London later this month.
Last night, though, our Rick was in Manchester, where our man on the ground reported that:
» He was "vaguely ok in a good-ish sort of way".
» Alas, One True Voice did not join him on stage for a rendition of Shakespeare's (Way With) Words.
» It was all big band "numbers".
» Apart from all the 80s nonsense. And that Christmas-y one.
» He sings "it" at 9:52pm.
Pop over to Rick's official website for tour dates and all manner of other Astley goodness.

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