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lowculture reader Michael writes with exciting news:
"Just so you know...
"The delightful Su Pollard (vocal star of TVs Penny Crayon) was spotted last week in Alibi's bar in Norwich, where she was appearing in Annie.
"I couldn't be bothered to see her perform in Annie as last time I saw it, it had Lesley Joseph in it and everyone gave her a standing ovation even though she was rubbish."
How thrilling! But there's more...
"The location of Su's appearance in a Norwich nightspot was just yards away from where I also saw, two years ago, TV's Paul Shane (aka Hi-De-Hi's Ted Bovis) looking slightly past his prime.
"Needless to say Su looked extremely sexual and entertained us all, ending the night by falling into the swimming pool dressed as a shark and begging to be a yellowcoat."
» Readers! Have you seen a dodgy celebrity lately? Please let us know. Extra points for Tina Hobley or anyone who used to be in Crossroads.

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