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The tantalising prospect of the brand-new series of Doctor Who is now almost too much for us to bear. But bear it we must – at least until March, when it's due to make its debut on BBC1.
In the meantime, we're still scouring the internet for every available crumb of information, and the more juicy gossip that comes to light, the more thrilling it seems.
Without giving too much away, here are five reasons to start wetting your pants with excitement RIGHT NOW:
1. Loads of interesting actors have been signed up to appear. As well as Penelope Wilton and Annette Badland (Brawdie from Cutting It), they've also tempted Navin Chowdhry (Kurt from Teachers), John Barrowman (of "that American bloke who was on Live And Kicking back in the day" fame) and Simon Callow (of "proper acting" fame) to join the production in Wales.
2. There will be, according to The Sun, a race of farting monsters. Of course, the most cursory examination of the facts reveal that there will be no such thing – it's actually a pack of evil gaseous entities who cause havoc using brainwashing emissions. Which is clearly not the same thing at all.
3. The director of photography is one Ernest Vincz, whose CV includes Sea Of Souls, Linda Green ... and HOLBY CITY! Hurrah.
4. There's going to be plenty of time travelling and visits to alien planets – many of which will bear a striking resemblance to Swansea.
5. Erm, there only seem to be four reasons, actually. Why not make up one of your own and put it in th comments box below?
» While we're on the subject, we can heartily recommend the wonderful Doctor Who Magazine. Even if you're not a sci-fi loon with an extra-long scarf, you simply can't fail to be won over by its boundless enthusiasm for the subject – no mean feat, considering they've spent years writing about something that hasn't been on telly since Billie Piper was knee-high to a Zarbi. The latest issue – which contains an exclusive column by executive producer Russell T Davies – is out on Thursday, and they're honestly not paying us to say this.
» And another thing! Does anyone else still freak out at the memory of Annette Badland all murdered and hung out with clothes pegs on the washing line in that old Miss Marple story? It was horrible!

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