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We had to get up half an hour earlier to get into work today, but don't worry! We've not rushed the facts or anything! Here's what's worth knowing about Tuesday, August 17:
» We're clinging on to our Big Brother memories for as long as we can: Today marks four (!) years since Nasty Nick was ordered to leave the house for attempting to influence voting. Yet he looks saintly compared to the antics of Jason and Victor this year.
» It's nine years since the Brazilian football league banned players from running behind the goal and pretending to make phone calls after scoring. We didn't understand football in primary school, we didn't understand it in secondary school, and we'll be fucked if we know any better now . . .
» It was reported in 2000 that gays would be able to marry on the set of Coronation Street. Oh, goody. We pick Todd.
» A Dutch lottery winner told organisers he didn't want the £25,000 that he'd one. He said he wouldn't have minded a smaller prize, but only really played for fun. He wised up two weeks later and accepted the cash.
» It's an unbelievable 44 years since John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best performed as The Beatles for the first time . . .
» . . . and it's 30 years since The Three Degrees had their only number one with "When Will I See You Again?".
» It's a year since Eva Cassidy's fourth (!) posthumous album, American Tune, went straight to the top of the album charts.
» Happy birthday: Singer/songwriter/emotional chef Belinda Carlisle (46), Marky Mark's less alluring older brother, Donnie Wahlberg (35), and footballer Thierry Henry, who we like best in the cowboy outfit (27).

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