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We're knackered, and the week's only just started! But we're propping open our eyelids to bring you these astounding facts for Tuesday, August 10:
» It was reported that one woman in eight drank more than the recommended weekly alcohol limit in 1998. And we think we were there when she did it.
» On the same day, it was claimed pedestrians were ten times more likely to end up in hospital after tripping on uneven pavements than after being hit by a vehicle. But what the chances are of tripping on an uneven pavement into the path of an oncoming car, we're not sure.
» Is it hot where you are today? Just one year ago, the highest ever temperature was recorded in Britain, when the mercury reached 37.9c at Heathrow.
» Fancy scaring the kids before bedtime? Just let them know that on this day in 1998 (again!), it was reportd Toyota were genetically engineering trees to eat smog.
» Two chicken packers took their employers to an industrial tribunal after they were sacked for being too tall. We're sure there's a joke in there somewhere . . .
» Paul and Linda McCartney were fined £800 for possession of cannabis in Gothernburg, Sweden, 32 years ago today.
» We worry that those dictionary bods are just a little to eager to please users of short-lived phrases. New entries in 2000 included the following: bleeding edge, cybersquatting, flexutive, lookism and screenager. What a bunch of silly twunts.
» Happy birthday to: Singer Neneh Cherry, whose backing singers in Buffalo Stance still make us laugh, (40), TV gardener Charlie Dimmock (38), and Dynasty/Bad Girls actress Kate O'Mara (65).

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