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It's pishing rain outside, but we don't care, because we're too busy enjoying these facts about Thursday, August 12, to even notice!
» It's official: Farmers appreciate pop music. Well, to be technically correct, their hens do. A survey carried out in 1998 revealed almost half of Britain's poultry farmers played music to keep their birds happy, with 70% preferring pop music. We'd play them Liberty EGGS (ba-doom-tish!).
» The acting life can be cruel, especially for the young 'uns. The baby who played Courtney in Eastenders was sacked from the show in 1998 because every time she saw on-screen father Grant Mitchell she burst into tears.
» On the same day, Adriana Sklenarikova was unveiled as the new "face" of Wonderbra. It says here she had been training as a doctor, spoke five languages, and had 44" legs. But of her tits? Nothing.
» News of Gordon Brown's latest haircut hit the news today in 1998. Nope, he hadn't gone for a bubble perm or blue rinse, but it had cost a crimp-tastic £135.
» Auditions were being held today in 1986 for The New Monkees. Original member Mike Nesmith's son, Jason, failed to make it to the final four.
» Victoria and David Beckham were offered £200,000 to strip for Playboy magazine, and even met with executives in America to discuss the proposal. In our eyes, the whole plan was a fully 50% flawed.
» Happy birthday to: Hirsute tennis player Pete Sampras (33), singer Suzanne Vega (45), and Ben Affleck's brother Casey (29).

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