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It's Edinburgh Festival time, and as usual, the streets of Scotland's capital city are currently hoaching with bad mime artistes and annoying tourists.
Also at large is our official lowculture festival correspondent, who goes by the intriguing name of Flum. He will be searching out the dodgiest performances on offer and telling us all about them, so we can be secretly glad that we didn't bother going this year.
Predictably, our first highlighted show is one in which a gay sits on a stage for an hour and a half, trying to pick up men off Gaydar. Once the audience helps him choose, he goes off to shag the "lucky" man, and reports back the next evening. Take it away, Flum...

Tim Fountain: Sex Addict
Assembly Rooms

This isn't a bad idea for a show – it certainly deals with sex and sexuality in a more interesting way than XXX with its audience plants and desperate attempts to shock an audience which is already bored with the whole "lets be controversial and flash our tits/cock" idea.
I have a slight problem with it though, in that it's essentially just a more extreme version of something Graham Norton did at the Fringe many years ago, ie when he was funny.
Graham placed a personal ad encouraging people to call during a certain timeslot which matched up with when his show was on. If no one called (on Kitty phone, making its first public appearence) then he would ridicule the messages for the audience's enjoyment. He would also order a pizza and get the delivery boy to act out the intro to a porn movie as well. Graham, as far as I know anyway, never had sex with anyone that responded to the ad, but it's still a similar idea. Graham has also never had sex with 5000 blokes and one girl, as Tim claims to have done, but we only have his word for that.
I was going to say that I had two issues with it, the other being that the Gaydar profile which Tim is using for the show has already been made public, which ruins the 'unfixed' element of the show, but I've just checked the address and it's an inactive profile, so I can't point you in the direction of it, should you wish to be a part of the Fringe.
So no shagging for you lot.

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