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Forgive us the opportunity to print a gratuitous picture of Justin Timberlake, but this time we do have a point, honest.
And we've picked one with a sulky face, see, because he's only gone and offended his former 'N Sync bandmates by quashing rumours that they were about to rejoin to make a new album.
In it's latest issue, People magazine quoted a source as saying: "Justin said he's not in the mood and doesn't think it would work."
He should take an example from his ex, Britney Spears. While Justin's throwing his toys out of the pram, Britney's scooping them up as she takes on the role of stepmum to the children of her current beau, Keven Federline.
The same magazine says Britney has met Kevin's older daughter, Kori, and it can't be long till she's introduced to newborn son Kaleb.
We've forgotten what the point is, but it had something to do with maturing and accepting your responsibilies (and printing pictures of Justin with his top off).
We hope he's learned his lesson.

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