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Whoops! Sorry if you've been following our recent advice and avoiding EastEnders on account of its utter rubbishness – if you missed last night's, you missed the first almost-brilliant episode in aaaages.
Best bits:
» Billy Mitchell starting work in the video shop and, on ploughing through some lapsed memberships, discovering that Dirty Den owed £10,000 in fines for a copy of Porky's 2 he took out in 1988 and never returned.
» Billy confronting Den with this information and being told to get stuffed.
» Kate in her ridiculous hat after having all her hair cut off by Chrissie last week.
» No Ferreiras.
» Kat and Zoe giving two media tossers a good pasting in the club.
» Martin and Sonia settling down for a snog-up in front of a video of The Hulk, only to be interrupted by Pauline, back early from the pub and demanding a cup of tea. And Sonia's face as a hand-knitted tea cosy made her realise she was going to be trapped in the Fowler house of horrors for the rest of her life.
» Pauline, contemplating the tragedy of the Hulk's situation, and tenderly reflecting on how she herself would react to such a tragic creature if he appeared in her life. ("I fink they should just have shot that 'Ulk!")
Great stuff – keep it up, EastEnders people.
*Sort of

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