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We're still smiling about Nadia's Big Brother win. We couldn't find any Portugese facts, but here's a bunch we thought would please her anyway for Monday, August 9:
» Parliament passed the married women's property act in 1870, which meant they no longer had to sign all their property over to their husbands when they married.
And not a moment too soon* for our Nadia, who's hoping for her own white wedding someday.
» . . . But she wouldn't be the first Big Brother contestant to do so - Sophie Pritchard and Lee Davey from BB3 married a year ago today.
» Norks-a-plenty! Britain's first nudist beach opened in Brighton in 1979, after a campaign by 47-year-old Eileen Jakes. The perfect place for Nadia to let 'em hang free!
» . . . and she'd surely give a trademark, window-shattering chuckle to hear about one particular nudist.
The naked chap in question sued the American Association for Nude Recreation three years ago after taking part in a firewalk and sustaining burns. To his feet, perverts!
» Happy birthday to: Troubled singer Whitney Houston (41). Her hits include "So Emotional" - just like Nadia was on Friday!
Whitney also covered the wonderful Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" - just like we will always love Nadia. Always!**
Whitney starred in a film called "The Bodyguard" - just like the bodyguards that protected Nadia from her adoring public on Friday!
*Relatively speaking, of course. And by relatively we mean "as compared to the history of the universe as a whole".
** lowculture staff retain the right to be fickle.

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