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Good morning, afternoon or evening, viewers. Whatever time of day it is, why not fill some of it by perusing these amazing facts about Tuesday, August 3?
» A sex education leaflet featuring a "good grope guide" was relaunched for schoolkids in 2000, causing the usual uproar. Well, it beats our sex education teacher somewhat embarassingly pinging a dutch cap round the classroom.
» A survey conducted in 1998 revealed men got more pleasure out of sex than women, but women found more pleasure in shopping than men. We here at lowculture enjoy both, so where does that leave us?
» Upper Volta was renamed Burkina Faso 20 years ago today. And we still have no fucking idea where it is.
» A suffolk pensioner returened home from a shopping trip two years ago to find a cow standing in her swimming pool. Poor thing. It was probably mortified having been caught in there for the first time without armbands.
» It's not often we mention sport, but we felt we had to mention one particularly and gloriously tacky move by a football club. It's three years since Leeds chairman Peter Ridsdale signed up 11 tropical fish which he said would bring the team luck. They were the club's colours - yellow, white and blue.
» Hooray for Dolly! Twelve years ago, Ms Parton donated $5million to improve schools in Sevier County.
» Big Brother contestant Sada Walkington launched her TV career four years ago today. It is possibly four years less one day since it ended.
»It's 19 years since Madonna's first number one - Get Into The Groove hit the top spot in 1985.
» Poor Rolf Harris! His accordion caught fire during a performance in a Berkshire marquee two years ago today.
» Happy birthday to: Terry Wogan (may you always reign supreme on Eurovision), who's 66 today; and scary but sweet singy lady Skin, who's 37.

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