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We're still in shock about last night's Big Brother eviction. Well, not really. But if you are, take your mind off it with these "amazing" facts about Thursday, August 5:
» It's five years since the largest ever game of musical chairs took place. A total of 8,238 people took part, giving the first to lose their chair plenty of time to sulk.
» On the same day, the world's largest hamburger was made in America, weighing in at 5,520lbs. It was adopted as the standard size a year later (Okay, the last bit was a lie).
» Anglican bishops voted overwhelmingly against homosexual weddings and the ordination of homosexual priests. What they didn't know is that the voting slips were made of homosexual paper (possibly).
» It's a year since we relaunched the website in pink with the most hideous logo ever created, but quickly saw the error of our ways. And not so much as a card to mark the bloody occasion!
» Happy birthday to: Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns (45) (verdict: somewhere in between), and Just Good Friends actress Jan Francis (53).
» Unrelated fact of the day: Police broke up a food fight between 300 teenagers at a New York school. The students were led from the canteen into the gym, where teachers tried to find out who instigated the disturbance.

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