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We're in a bit of a rush this morning, but not so much that we can't bring you these amazing facts about Wednesday, August 4:
» Ooh, those royals: It's four years since Prince Phlip was photographed riding a motorcycle with Lady Romsey. We just hope to goodness she was riding side saddle.
» Aw, you can always rely on mum. It's nine years since American Joy Glassman admitted starting five fires in an effort to save her son's career as a fire-fighter.
» Helen Stephens won the 100m at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. It was later reported Hitler had made a pass at her and was promptly rejected.
» Women played cricket at Lord's for the first time in 1976, beating the Australians by eight wickets. Now, what does that tell us about the blokes?
» Liza Tarbuck joined the Big Breakfast today in 1999. Seven years earlier, she had been refused the slot for being "too old".
» During a New Kids on the Block gig in 1990, £26,000 of the souvenir proceeds were stolen.
» And it's two years since Darius Danesh became the third Pop Idol to hit the number one spot.
» No birthdays of note today, unless you know different. Happy birthday to you, dear readers, instead.

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