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LIKE... YEAH... UH... KINDA... WOW!... SORTA...

And so Stuart exits the house, leaving the other housemates' chances of glittering presenting careers firmly intact as he stumbled his way through his eviction interview with Davina.
To be fair on the poor boy, he had been victim of the only truly evil Big Brother stunt so far this year - eviction via the diary room as the others partied inside.
And it didn't do much for the poor boy's nerves when the interview that followed was made up mostly of a character dissemination of Michelle.
So we'll give Stu his dues - He stuck by his BB beau and confirmed he was keen to continue the relationship (although how much that had to do with Michelle standing at the sidelines is anyone's guess).
The boy may not have been bold enough to win the competition, and may be in desparate need of a haircut, but he'll be remembered for never having pissed anyone enough to vote for him, and had a passion for fancy dress that (nearly) rivals our own.
P.S. What the fuck happened to Shell's eviction? We were all set to write about how we wouldn't be using the heading "SHELL SHOCKED" because as low as we are, we'd never stoop to bad puns (ahem).
P.P.S. This bit and the bit below were actually written by the lovely Neil, but he couldn't get Blogger to work and so couldn't publish them himself.

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