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Can you hear it? Right there, in the distance?
Yes, that’s right – it’s the BBC, busy filming the new series of Doctor Who in Cardiff RIGHT NOW.
If you were hanging around the city on Tuesday night, you might well have seen some of the following exciting things:
» Cardiff dressed up as London, complete with fake tube station, bus stop and Evening Standard billboard (headline: “PROPER RIGMAROLE”)
» A load of Autons (shop dummies that come to life and do bad things) bursting out of a department store window. A bit like in the video for Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Get Over You – which was, of course, a bit like Doctor Who.
» Billie Piper! Running!
» A London Routemaster bus skidding down the street in an alarming fashion.
» Some black cabs driving through windows.
» Exploding cars.
» No sign of Doctor Who himself, though. Boo.
We want it to be on our telly TONIGHT!

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