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What ho! Let's all prepare ourselves for some amazing things about Wednesday, July 7:
» It's 22 years since The Queen was woken by a strange man sitting on her bed. He asked her for a cigarette, but we don't think she gave him one. He'd have been better trying the Queen Mother.
» The first wife-carrying championships were held in Findland on this day in 1996. The eventual prize was 44 litres of beer - one for each kilogram of the winner's wife's weight.
» The BBC's first programme for the children began today in 1946. It was called "For The Children". The choosing of titles was a much simpler affair in those days . . .
» In 1971, a girl with golden hair - Agnetha Faltskog - married a chap called Bjorn Ulvaeus in Vernum, Sweden. Benny Andersson was the organist.
» Happy birthday to: TV presenter Bill Oddie (63), The Village People singer David Hodo (54), and Dr and the Medics musician Clive Jackson (42). Also celebrating is Big Brother 2000 contestant Darren Ramsay. He'll be 27.

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